Welcome to the Saloon Car Racing Association.

It’s real Holden vs Ford racing without the real cost!

We strive for entry entry level budget racing with some competitors getting on the track for the first time for as little as $10K including purchase of a second hand car.

With the category running for more than 20 years of  we have developed a proven core set of vehicle regulations that will remain consistent for many years to come.

Competitors enjoy state based competitions throughout Australia as well as an annual Australian National Title for those wishing to test themselves against the best of the best or or just be part of the experience as it travels to some of Australia’s most iconic race tracks each year.

Saloon Cars races 6 cylinder sedans using mostly factory or off the shelf control components resulting in affordable and reliable motorsport that competitors with limited mechanical  knowledge can build maintain in their home garage with basic tools.

Saloon Cars are what we believe are the best bang for buck racing in Australia as we are significantly cheaper than many of the faster category and significantly faster than many other entry level options, keeping the balance just right so competitors can in invest in a vehicle they will enjoy for many years to come.