Click on the links below, to get the specifications on the different model Saloon Cars.

What’s it cost?

Entry level build.

AU Falcon/VT-VZ Commodore $500-$2,000 (used)

Roll Cage $2,700-$6,000

Race seat, harness, window net, kill switch, rain light, bonnet fasteners $750

Control Pedders Suspension kit $1680

Control MoTeC ECU $1900*

Control Bridgestone RE11 motorsport Tyre $369*

Diff gear and mini spool $550

T5 gearbox $500 (used)



Controlled pacemaker intake pipe $124.26* (holden) $256.90* (Ford)

Control Camshaft $599

Control pistons (set) $700

Plus general rebuild cost inc machining, new studs, bearings, gaskets etc



330mm front rotor upgrade $250

*Members price