Dear fellow Saloon Car racer,

As you may know the Saloon Car Racing Association Inc (SCRA) has been formed to manage Saloon Car Racing in Australia and a committee has been formed along with state delegates representing your interests.

The benefits of being a member are:

Official Recognition from component suppliers for competitor discounts negotiated by SCRA.

Communication from SCRA in regards to special events and Nationals Event.

A membership card for a Motorsport Australia affiliated car club

We are also planning a Regular newsletter & association stickers for vehicles.


Why do we need your membership?

Covering competitor costs for seals

Covering costs to run the association

Maintaining competitor and vehicle register for our class, to better serve the needs of all Saloon Car stake holders.


Please fill in the below membership form and get it back to our secretary, with all of your vehicle details.


Note SCRA Membership is included in your VIC Saloon, WA Saloon or Queensland Saloon memberships, all others can join directly.

2022 SCRA membership form Scra member 2022